Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pero....esta bien

Hey hey!
Another P-day, another email. Are you getting bored of me yet? This week has FLOWN. I can't believe I'm going to be leaving for Argentina a week from Monday! I am so stinkin excited....and equally nervous. We met with the Argentine consulate (sp?) the other day to finalize all of our Visa stuff. This is really happening! Ah! We could possibly get our travel plans today or tomorrow. So I will let you know as soon as possible. We are supposed to leave on September 5th...Labor Day. Kinda cool huh? Since we're going out to labor in the vinyard of the Lord and all.
This week I learned how to tie a tie and I am pretty good. Also, I spoke in church! It was one of those where you have to prepare a talk on a given subject and they call you up the minute before you speak. It went well though. It was on La Expiación. Luckily I had one of my teachers edit it for mistakes the day before. I gave my talk with Elder Stott who realized a couple days earlier that he written his talk on the wrong subject, but he thought chances were slim that he would be called up to speak. It was pretty funny. It made me think of the story when you got called up to speak, mom, and you didn't have your cuaderno. Haha I would not have been able to give a talk without my cuaderno!
Today our district practiced the song we will be singing on Sunday since we are leaving and next Sunday is fast and testimony meeting. We're singing the "As Sisters in Zion" and "Army of Helaman" medly. I love it. Totally reminds me of my EFY days.
This Saturday Hna Shelley and I are planning a "baptism" for our "investigator" Edmundo. We have to give talks and we are even going to make programs and bring cookies (Chips Ahoy from the bookstore). I can't wait until I am planning real baptisms!
It sounds like Camri's birthday was a ton of fun! Bah, I can't believe you are all going off to big girl school! College, High School, Jr. High....weird. McKenna, you better look for me while you're in Provo! I want to hear all about how your first days go!
On Tuesday we had a devotional by Elder Claudio Zivic of the Seventy. And guess where he and his wife are from? Argentina! And more specifically...Buenos Aires! So that was cool. He said some good quotes during his talk. One of my personal favorites was, "You can't change your physical height, but you can change your spiritual height." Ain't that the truth. You know, sometimes I wish I were taller, I wish I were a baller (name that song) (I actually don't know the name of that song, that's the only line I know in the whole thing). Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that sometimes we wish our circumstances in life were different. But there are so many things that can't be changed no matter what we do. So do you know what that means? We need to let it go. We need to quit worrying about the things in life that are not up to us, and start focusing on the things that we CAN do something about.
I'm late for cena. Pero......está bien.
Hasta Luego! (I don't know how to do upside down !'s)
Hermana Hill

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