Sunday, October 23, 2011

Con amor, su rubia

Dearest Family:

How are you? Thank you for your great emails every week! Haha, dad, yes I´m grateful I don´t have big flying cockroaches everywhere. Luckily there has only been one so far! We´ll see what the summer brings. As always, thanks for the football updates. Poor Utah State.....maybe they´ll have some luck someday..... McKenna, good luck with your half marathon! Way to be. I don´t think I could even run a half mile anymore. Although, I did run the fastest mile I have ever run in the MTC. Those days are long I´m fat. Hannah and Camri, good luck with youth takeover! I was telling my companion about youth takeover just the other day. Good times. You´ll have to let me know how it goes. Kaylee, good luck with having a baby! Pahaha. Seriously though... Bah, like I said, send me a picture of the squirt right away!

In Argentina I am blonde. Isn´t that weird? People are always commenting on my blonde hair and call me a "rubia."

We have been helping with an English class every once in a while and it´s a lot of fun because I can actually speak! It´s great because they ask us about what we are doing here as missionaries and we are able to teach people about the church. There are classes for adults, teenagers, and younger kids. It´s funny because for a while, the teacher thought that our last names were our first names, so everyone called us Jones and Hill, thinking that was our first name.

Last week there was a ton of rain. A bunch of the streets were all flooded. We shared the scripture 3 Nephi 14:24-27 with a lot of the people we visited. The wise man built his house upon a rock!

This Sunday was DE DIEZ! (This is a saying in Argentina that means "of ten"....which means, like, "awesome!") It was the confirmation of Pablo and Oriana. It was also fast Sunday. During testimony meeting Oriana got up and bore her testimony. It was so great, she is the best. It has been amazing to see this family progress and see their desires to do the right thing. I am excited to teach them more about temples and how they can be sealed for eternity! I wish everyone could realize how important this is. Next week I have to speak in church! But I´m excited because it will be mother´s day here and the theme is....about my mom! And how she influenced my decision to serve a mission. Awwww. I´m going to need more than ten minutes!

I love you all!

Hermana Hill

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