Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fishers of Men....and sometimes fish


So much to write about, so little time. Sorry for the shortened email last week. We had to go to capital to do all the stuff to make sure my companion is legal and then we got to cruise the streets since it was Pday. So much fun! We got to do some souvenir shopping and of course go to McDonald´s...which are everywhere around here. We were on a street called Calle Florida. It was packed with gente, it kind of looked like New York (from what I´ve seen in pictures of course). Anyway, it has been a crazy and awesome last couple weeks, I hope I remember everything I want to tell you!

First off....we moved! We are now the proud owners of a cute little white box we call our new home. I am so´s nice and clean and the shower actually works! I forgot to tell you that in the last couple weeks at our old apartment, the gas went out for a few days so we had some ice cold showers. And then the gas went back on and the water went off for a few days. We ended up having to go to the church in the morning to wash our hair in the sink. Hahaha it made for some good pictures. Luckily the contract was up at that apartment so we have a brand spankin new house. We also have a new pet cockroach! Yum. I saw him while my companion was in the bathroom and when I saw it she thought someone was breaking into our house because of my reaction. Luckily Hna Jones is brave and took care of it. RIP, little (big) guy.

Second off....conference! I love conference! I can´t believe how fast it went by. I could´ve sat there forever watching it. We went to the stake center to watch it and most of the missionaries are English speaking so we had our own separate TV to watch it on in English, which I am very grateful for. I mean Spanish is great and all...but.....yeah. It was funny because during the last session, the power went out. We were so sad! So we said a prayer and then one of the Elders suggested that we call another district to see if they could put their phone up to the TV so we could at least listen. It was super bad quality and a Japanese man was speaking (the one with the crazy name) so we couldn´t understand anything. But then a little while later the power went back on! This, dear family, is a great example of having faith and then acting on it. We could´ve said a prayer and then just sat around, but instead, people made suggestions on how we could solve our problem. And then we were blessed to be able to watch the end of conference. It reminds me of that quote "Pray as if everything depends on God, then work as if everything depends on you." Those Elders definitely taught me a great lesson! I think my favorite talk from conference was the one by Carl B. Cook. I loved when he said "Look Up, Step Up, Cheer Up." I think that will be my motto for a while. I also was able to make some goals of things I need to work on, for example memorizing a scripture every transfer. I encourage you to make some goals according to what you learned at conference also! Oh and yes, it was really cool when they talked about Buenos Aires and the Provo temple. None of the missionaries I was with knew about the whole Provo tabernacle thing so I told them about it and about how the picture of Christ wasn´t burned. Also, none of them knew what Angry Birds is...I had to explain it to them. It´s really hard to explain....

Last the best....BAPTISM!!!!!!!! Pablo and Oriana were baptized between sessions of conference on Sunday. It couldn´t have been a better day. There were also two other people who were baptized from other wards. So many people in white! It made me want have a baptism every day. I always thought that when missionaries said that it had nothing to do with them, they were just trying to be humble. But it´s so true. All we do as missionaries is invite and the rest is up to the person and the Lord. They were a family prepared for this and I am just grateful I got to see it happen.

Hermana Jones and I are going to go fishing today. Yes, fishing. Apparently there is a nice little river here in Zarate! Last night we visited Lorenzo and Luisa and told them we were going to go and they got us fishing poles all ready. All we have to do is buy some worms :)

Now that I have an MP3 player you can send me songs through email if you can figure it out! If you can, I would really appreciate the song "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" Also, if you are able to, it would be cool if you could send me HLJ rings, small pictures of the Buenos Aires temple to give to families, a picture of my baptism, and I guess I didn´t bring my camera plug for computers. I have my SD card, but apparently not a lot of computers have spots to plug those into. So, not super important, but might be nice to have these things.

Biking is going well. My thighs are massive. But I think that´s mostly from all the food ;) I tell people how Hill is Cerro in spanish but they just get confused. Probably because I can´t explain it very well in Spanish haha. It´s funny though because there is a word in Spanish "gil" which is pronounced the same as Hill and it means "stupid" embarrassing! Mom, I´m glad you had a good time on your trip! Send me some veggies from the garden, will ya? Kaylee....send me pictures of your baby ASAP!!! I can´t believe he´s coming so soon!

Oh, and to all my friends who are reading my blog, you are allowed to email me ( I can´t email back but if anything important happens such as mission calls, marriages, 100% on a test, etc...I would like to know right away! Speaking of, congrats to Collette!!!!!! That is so great. Tell her she needs to send me an invite :)

Word of the day: Esposas. Which I found out last night is both the word for wives and...handcuffs. Jajaja

Sorry this is so stinkin long but I figure it makes up for my little one last week. Hope all is well! I love you!!!!

Hermana Hill

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