Wednesday, May 16, 2012

¡Buen Día, Familia!
¡Tanto tiempo! It was so good to see you all yesterday. Hope everyone had a great mother´s day, I know I did! Mom, just so you know, all of these baptisms were for you :) Oh, I got the package. Thanks a BILLION! Hna Peralta loved the ring by the way! And don´t worry I will send all of your love to the wonderful people of Almagro. Okay not a lot of time but here are some really great pictures in no particular order.

Duh! I almost forgot to tell you about transfers! I am still here in Almagro :) And I am here with Hermana Sosa!! She is from Argentina and is awesome. We´re going to work a FULL. Love you! 

With Elisa (aunt), Fernanda (cousin), and Gabriel (mission leader).


I call this one "la escalera" Gustavo (cousin), Joel, Obispo, the sisters 

Everyone plus Adriana, their mom. "Estamos animados!"


Familia Choquemesa (the aunt and cousins of Joel.  They are the bessst

Vitali, Camila, Tiziana, Kevin (you talked to him yesterday, haha)

Thought you'd get a kick out of this one.

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