Monday, May 7, 2012

Book of Mormon Stories


Hola. Papá, ¿qué significa "kia orana"? Hannah, ¡que linda que sos! You look so much older! Must be the lack of braces. Are you really 16? Such a big girl! Hope that kid you went to prom with is a classy guy. Or else............I'm gonna darle una piña. I love spanglish so much, you are all going to darme una piña when I get back with how much spanglish I'm going to hablar. Hehe. Well this week has been increíble!!! Update ya. 

We have had some really great lessons with Adriana, Camila, and Tiziana. They are TOO awesome. On Sunday morning,  before ward council, we called them to make sure they were all awake and ready to go to church. They said they were good to go. Flia Bustios was going to go pick them up in the morning so they could all go together. Church started and everything, and none of them were there, so we called Hna Bustios and she sounded a little frantic and said they were on their way. They ended up arriving for the second class because it turns out Hna Bustios had accidentally slept in. Adriana said she was so nervous when Hna Bustios hadn't arrived because they were all anxious to go to church, and she knew that her kids woudn't be able to be baptized if they didn't go, and she couldn't remember exactly how to get there. She said that as they were waiting, they began to read the Book of Mormon. Then after a while, Hna Bustios passed by to take them. That day was testimony meeting, and Tiziana went up with another girl from primary and they read the story of Ammon-the story they learned in Primary that day. We'll have to explain to her the purpose of testimony meeting, but it was still very brave of her :) Joel is also progressing a ton. He wants to be baptized, but wants to make sure he will complete with all of the commandments and do everything correctly after he is baptized. He realizes how important baptism is and really wants to make a change in his life. Amelia is also de diez. She's already BFF with all of the members. She is always taking notes during church and during the lessons we teach her, it's so cute. 

Last week we had a special conference with President Gulbrandsen. We all received a Book of Mormon in our native language to read before the temple is re-dedicated. We also received three colored pencils. One to mark every time it mentions or refers to Christ, one for all the times it mentions our missionary purpose (faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the holy ghost, endure to the end), and one to mark all of the scriptures that strengthen our personal testimony. I LOVE IT. This morning I read 1 Nephi 8. It's always been my favorite chapter. I KNOW that we will always be happier if we are holding fast to the iron rod. Really. Who cares what the large and spacious building is saying (or, rather, the people in it. Buildings can't talk...) Bueno, you told me that I don't have to sugar-coat everything in my letters so I will tell you something that is hard for me. It's hard for me to see SO many unhappy people! And the reason that most of them are unhappy is because they are so lost. They are lost in the large and spacious building or the mist of darkness, or the river. Some people would think that it would be easier to walk in the broad path, instead of the straight and narrow. But, really it's so much easier to not get lost when the path is really tiny. When the path is too big, we wander all over the place, with out knowing which way is straight...which way leads to the tree of life....the love of God....Jesus Christ. I KNOW that the gospel brings true happiness. I KNOW that the way to show that we are willing to follow our Savior is through baptism, and always continuing to have faith, repent, follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end.

I love you all a million and can't wait to do some skype-age with you this Sunday!

Hna Hill

P.S. Hna Jones, I can't really think of anything. ¿Quizás medias gruesas? ¡Invierno viene ya! Pero, realmente no pienso que necesito algo en particular. Sólo las lupitas si puede. Le voy a mandar una carta hoy :)

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