Monday, December 5, 2011

No puedo creerlo...

¡Qué loca semana! Okay it seems like I´m always saying it has been a crazy week. But I feel like this week has been extra crazy! Let me just list a few things that have happened.
-I have a new companion. She´s super awesome. Like I said, she´s from Guatemala. She´s so cute and so happy and always says "¡no puedo creerlo!" She´s also a stylist so I can get a haircut, waxing, make up, etc done by this little chica. Jaja.
-The first day she got here, there was a huge rain/hail storm. We were super far from the house when it started and we got PELTED by giant ice rocks. It was fun though. Once in a lifetime opportunity :)
-We were in the middle of a lesson when the Secretary of the mission called and told us we need to get back to our house asap because another Hermana, Hna Gonzalez was going to come join us. She is a traveling missionary...she spends about a week with every companionship to help out and such because she´s re-copada.
-Hna Vargas had to go to the hospital in capital because she has a constractura cervical. Poor thing is like a robot, she can´t move her neck. So Hna Gonzalez went with her and I got to be a trainer for a day. A member accompanied me to all the lessons we had for the day. Her name is Julietta and is 19. She is a ward missionary in Zárate I and wants to be a missionary someday. She´s awesome. It´s with her that we found Maxi....
-We have a baptism this weekend! His name is Maxi Alderete. He had been investigating the church about a year ago, but his mom didn´t want him to get baptized. But we ended up visiting him and invited him to our noche de hogar on Friday. And he came!! And he came to church. He is fifteen years old and wants to change his life around. Right now he smokes but he said he is going to stop. And he had an earring on his lip but Hna Gonzalez got him to take it out and give it to her. Haha she´s awesome. And his mom said it is okay with her if he goes to church and gets baptized! The best part is, his sister is a member and she can help him to stay active.
-We also have a bunch more investigators but I don´t have time to write about them all.
-We went on divisions the other day and, again, I got to be a trainer. I went with a girl in our ward, Eliana, who is twenty, who is also really awesome.
-I feel so busy but I love it.
-Today I have been in Argentina for three months. Where does the time go??
-I feel like a ton more has happened but I can´t think of it all right now.
I can´t believe it about the crazy strom you had!!! Is everyone safe and sound? I sure hope so! How scary!! At least you got some good missionary experiences out of it :) Hahaha mom, I can´t believe you sent that text to the wrong person! I remember doing that a few times back in the day. Awk-ward.... Alfajores are delicious treats they have here in Argentina. Google it. And, yes, they do taste better on the roof. Hna Jones can testify to that :)
Well I love you. And I love the gospel. Don´t forget to do the little things each day. I know our testimonies grow by reading and praying every single day. Don´t forget! Make it a priority. Something I have been trying to remember to do is pray everyday to ask if the Book of Mormon is true. It has helped to strengthen my testimony. Right now I´m reading in 3 Nephi. I LOVE IT. It´s so interesting to see that right before something amazing is about to happen (the coming of Christ), there is so much opposition. The people were the most wicked and Satan had the hearts of many. But these were the people who were destroyed...those who remained faithful through it all were the ones who were able to witness the coming of Christ. Don´t ever give in to doubts, only go forward with faith.
I love you!
Tía Hill
P.S. Hermana Jones: Thank you for the email! I love the photos!!!! I almost died laughing when I saw the pink jump suit. Oh boyyy. Are we friends on facebook yet? Have you stalked me yet? It sounds like it has been crazy being home. Good luck with the whole adjustment! I know you can do it. Keep being a missionary, okay? Don´t worry, we are taking care of Zárate for you :) I wish I could write more but just know that I love you!

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