Monday, November 28, 2011

¡Vamos que se puede!

Hello and hi and hola!

Wow, it´s been quite the eventful week! We´ve been running around like crazy and traveling to San Fernando and back a few times, but it all came to a wonderful end with the baptism of Susana! We were worried earlier in the week because we weren´t able to teach her for a few days straight because she hadn´t been home. We thought she was avoiding us, but it turns out her daughter had been having some health problems, so she was with her a lot. We finally were able to find her and teach her and help her to have her baptism on Sunday! It was awesome. It´s amazing because we had only known her for two weeks. She knew very little, but her testimony is so strong. She knew she was making a correct decision because of the way she feels every time she goes to church, reads in the Book of Mormon, and has lessons with us. And that is all the knowledge you need! When the Holy Ghost testifies you just need to seguir, no más! Also, it was so great that Hermana Jones and I were able to share such an awesome experience on our last day together. That night, we went to her despedida and on the way home, the Elders called us to tell us about TRANSFERS! This is how it went: Elder Lane: "Hermana, have you been exactly obedient?" Me: "Yes...." EL: "Hermana Hill, you are going to be training next transfer." Me *small heart attack* "You´re lying!" EL: *Lots of laughing in the background* "You´re right. You´re going to stay in Zárate with Hermana Vargas!" Ja. Ja. Very funny. So here I am, sitting next to my cute new little Guatemalan companion! This is her first time being senior companion, but I can tell she´s going to be great. She is super nice and I am very excited! Let me tell you though, it was tough saying goodbye to mi mamá. It´s definitely going to be super different, but change always comes and I know I will learn a ton from each of my companions. 

It sounds like Thanksgiving was wonderful! For our Thanksgiving dinner, we ended up eating alfajores on the roof...long story. So, a little different than the usual! You´ll have to keep filling me in on all of your holiday adventures! I´m not sure what I´ll be doing on Christmas exactly, but I know that we have lunch at one of the member´s homes, so that will be good. It´s going to be super weird having Christmas in the middle of summer...kind of like when we went to Hawaii but a little different :) Oh! I was going to tell you! Tell grandpa that the daughter of one of his missionaries in Mexico is in my mission! Hermana Gonzalez. Her dad´s name is Daniel. I guess he was AP when grandpa got to the mission. And she said she´s even stayed at his house before. They live in Orem now. So yeah, cool story :)

Well gotta go! I will try to send pictures.

Love, Hermana Hill

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