Tuesday, March 13, 2012



¿Qué tal? Mamita I hope you had the best cumpleaños ever. I love you!

No we havent seen the colorful houses yet. We were going to go with our district the last two pdays but it hasnt worked out yet. Hopefully next week!

Cam cam, good luck with tryouts! Remember to have fun and as mom says "smile big!"

Guess what? William got baptized! Wow, de diez. After church, we set up an appointment with him, where we found out that he had been investigating the church for three months in Colombia, but never got baptized. We felt that we should invite him to be baptized that Saturday. He didnt give us an answer right away because he wanted to be sure. (I cant figure out where the apostrophe is on this computer and its driving me crazy). The next day we had another lesson with him and he said that he thought and prayed a lot about it and he felt he was ready to be baptized on Saturday. Woop woop! All I can say is thank you to those missionaries in Colombia who planted the seed. All we had to do was invite and then the spirit did the rest. He is so happy and the ward is helping out a ton to make him feel welcome. The same day was the baptism of Santiago Campos, whose family are members. He turned eight that same day. It made me think a lot about my baptism because his dad baptized him. I love seeing families together in the church! (Oh and I even played the piano for the service. Im sure mom is so proud ;))
About Olenka, Vidal, Kiara, and their families....sadly we had to stop teaching them because they werent progressing. Their parents want them to go to church, but arent willing to take them each week. So the only way they would be able to go is if the members take them every week, which makes it tricky. Also someone who lives with them started telling them false things about the church. We decided we need to dedicate our time to those who are prepared and will progress. Its tough because I love those kids, but maybe we were able to plant a seed...just like the missionaries did with William. Its crazy how hard you work with one person, with little results, but then a miracle comes around the corner. A lot of times we dont understand why things dont work out the way we want, but our loving Heavenly Father always provided another opportunity and will always bless us if we are doing all we can. 

The church is true.

I love you!

Hermana Hill

P.S. They are playing the beach boys right now! Not that I am listening. Its just that I cant plug my ears and type at the same time....

Santiago and his dad, Ezequiel.  So precious.

My cute comp with Hermana Elisa

Ohhh the ladies.  Elisa, Monica, Doris.  They are amazing
and help us a ton in the obra.

Bautismo de William!

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