Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hum Your Favorite Hymn

Hey family!

I have officially become a hummer.....This morning I was making the
famous Hill homemade brownies and found myself humming hymns. Also as
we walk down the streets, I hum. Uh oh I´m becoming one of those weird
sister missionaries :S. Speaking of brownies, can you send me the
recipe to make german pancakes? Random, I know, but as the brownies
were cooking, they smelled like german pancakes and thought it would
be a good idea to make them sometime. Also could you send me a picture
of Cade and Kaylee and the temple at their wedding? Since we´re always
talking about eternal families, I would like to show the investigators
the perfect example :) Mom, they other day I was showing a recent
convert a picture of the family and he said "That´s your mom?! I
thought it was your sister! Qué joven!" Whoa spanglish to the max.
Haha I thought you might like that comment.

This week was de diez. We did divisions with the hermanas in Congreso
and I went there with Hna Quispe, from Peru. It was lovely. We went to
ask permission of the mom of a boy that is preparing for baptism. He
lives with his grandma who is a member but the mom lives in another
area. At first, she didn´t think that he should get baptized, but in
the end the spirit was able to touch her heart and she gave the
permission and also wants to learn about the church and have the
missionaries teach her.

On Saturday, the four of us hermanas were able to give small tours of
the chapel in La Boca. It´s really cool....there is a missionary
couple from the US who are in charge of doing these tours called
vistors center in the chapel. They have an image of Christ, like they
big marble statue in the visitors center in Salt Lake, and a recording
of the words he says. After, we take them on a small tour and teach
the basics of the gospel. At first I was super nervous but it was a
cool experience to be able to testify of Christ for four hours
straight. This week we will be doing the same thing but in Almagro! In
La Boca, they recieved more than 50 references. Woohoo! SO many people
are SO prepared!

I´m not sure if I have already written about Estela? She is one of our
investigators who has been to church with us a few times. She had
polio when she was younger and is now in a wheelchair. Her husband,
Claudio is also in a wheelchair. They have two teenagers, Sandra and
Vicente. Anyway, she is so awesome. She has so many challenges but she
is always so happy. Right now she´s studying English and
computacion...computers? But anyway we are hoping to help her to be
baptized this Saturday. Right now she is working on receiving a
testimony of the Book of Mormon, but I know that she will receive an
answer and know that her family will be so blessed by following the
example of Jesus Christ and being baptized.

There is so much work to do! It´s great!

I have to go because we´re going to go to the Boca staduim and
hopefully see all the colorful houses.

LES AMO!!!!!

Hermanita Hill

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