Monday, March 5, 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Greetings earthlings!
Today Hermana Peralta and I were studying English and she learned the word "greetings." I told her that that word is usually only used if it´s for something formal like a speech, for Christmas cards, or aliens. She´s lucky to have a great teacher like me! Also she loves the song over the rainbow. She knows most of the words and was singing it but accidentally sang "somewhere over the rainbow, we are high....." Oops! Also the other day some people behind us were talking in English and we started talking to them. They´re from Holland and are studying Spanish here. I tried inviting them to church, but I sounded like English was my second language! And then Hermana Peralta was describing to them where the church is and said "walk 7 blocks, turn the corner, and then walk one more week." We struggle sometimes but are grateful for the spirit.
We are continuing to teach all of the cute kids and their families. Olenka, Vidal, and Kiara will be getting baptized this Sunday. It´s tricky with the parents because most of them have to work, and none of them are married, and need to get married before getting baptized. We have a lot of help and support from the ward members, especially those in the Primary. This Sunday Vitaly, a member from Russia, brought his friend Rodrigo to church. They are both 17 and Rodrigo is excited to learn more and Vitaly is excited to share the gospel with him! It´s really awesome. Two future missionaries sí o sí. Also a man named Wiliam came to church all by himself. He is from Colombia and has only been here for a little over two weeks. He received the missionary lessons in Colombia and has been to church a bunch of times, but never got baptized because he always moved around from place to place, but says he is looking for a change in his life. Also as we were walking to church this week a man yelled down from his apartment building and asked where the church was. We told him we were on our way and told him to join us. He ran down to the street as fast as he could. We found out he is a member and has been living here for 10 years but never knew where the church was. He is twenty and said he wants to prepare to serve a mission in a year. Woooow. Miracles are happening left and right. So many future Priesthood holders!
They always say that you can´t help but love the people you sacrifice for. It´s true. The more we work and study and put our all into helping others, the more we will love them. Can you imagine, then, how much Christ loves us? In 1 Nephi 20:13-14 (Isaiah 49) we learn that the Lord will NEVER forget us. And how could he? Just like we could never forget the ones we love, He could never ever forget about us because sacrifice ------->love. We are literally engraven in the palms of His hands. He loves YOU! No matter how hard the trial, or how forgotten you might feel, know that you are never abandoned.
And that´s my spiritual thought for the email. And I know it´s true!
<3 U
La Hermanita

Aylen (10) and her sister Mayori (15)

President Arnold's wife :)

President Arnold and Elder Nash and their wives.  President Arnold
is the area president of South America South.  A bunch of really
cool people came to visit our ward this Sunday! (P.S. Elder Nash
is from Centerville, do you know him?)

With Hna Peralta and Hna Elisa, one of the ward missionaries
who helps us a ton.

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