Monday, April 30, 2012

Whatever happened to those Mormon guys?

¡Hola abejas re-ocupadas!

The other day on the bus, I heard a boy talking to his dad and said "hey, whatever happened to those mormon guys?" English. I kept listening for a little while but wasn't able to hear the response. Then I started talking to them and found out they are from California and are living here in Argentina and then we had to get off the bus! Grrrr. Now I will never know what happened to those mormon guys. 

I don't have a lot of time, but for an update, we are continuing to teach, Joel, Amelia, Adriana, Camila, Tiziana, and now their dad José. Tonight we have an appointment with Daniela, the cousin of the bishop's wife. We are studying and praying and working a lot to help them to prepare them for baptism!!!

Did you hear that the Buenos Aires temple now has an official opening date?! They had been postponing the rededication for EVER because there were some materials in the US that had to be imported into Argentina but couldn't. But now recently they told us a specific day....September 9th! And the open house is August 4-25. I'm excited that I will still be here :) Unless they transfer me to the never know.......

Well I really like you guys a lot and thanks so much for the emails and pictures. Sounds like life has been pretty hectic! Everyone is in my prayers. Don't forget to read and pray personally and as a family and to have the ole noche de hogar every week! We are so lucky to have commandments. 

¡Les amo con todo corazón!

Sister Cerro

P.S. Hna Jones could you maybe send me more of those magnifiers if at all possible? They're a big hit. Either people here have really bad eye sight or it's an excuse not to read during the lessons.....

Ward Missionaries and Joel!

Divisions with Hna Quispe de Peru.  I think I'll
be buying some rain boots soon :S

Burger King in Argentina...eating croquantes instead of french fries.

Calsa jeans.  All the rage.  Hna Jones would be so proud.

Flia Pernia.  From the US!  She is an amazing lady.  Her husband
isn't a member, but she brings her three little boys to church all by
herself.  It's great because when we teach them I get to practice
my English skills, haha.

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