Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fe Sumamente Grande

Hey family!

I love you! Thank you for keeping me updated of what's going on in your lives. I am so grateful for you guys, seriously. En serio. Thank you for being such great examples and living the gospel. i love my family so stinkin much! Which is why I want to help people here to understand the blessings of an eternal family. I want to help them "get it". Do you realize how many people don't get it? A lot! The blessings I have received because of my family are more than I could even begin to count. 

Well last week Amelia was baptized! She is just the sweetest and is pretty much the grandma of everyone here in Almagro. Have I written you about her story? Nutshell: about three months ago she came to church all by herself. She lives alone because she is divorced and a while back her son was killed by robbers when he was about thirty. She knows that it was her son who guided her to the church. She has suffered a lot but is now very content to take this step and become a member of the church and one day be able to be with her son again. The blessings of the gospel are incredibe. Oh and guess who was one of the witnesses of the baptism? Victor :) 

Let me leave you with a quote that Presidente Gulbrandsen sent us in his letter to the missionaries this week:

Elder Bruce R. McKonkie was a member of the Twelve as I was growing up. I love his expression of faith in the Savior Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice:

“And now, as pertaining to this perfect Atonement, wrought by the shedding of the blood of God—I testify that it took place in Gethsemane and at Golgotha, and as pertaining to Jesus Christ, I testify that He is the Son of the living God and was crucified for the sins of the world. He is our Lord, our God, and our King. This I know of myself, independent of any other person.
I am one of His witnesses, and in a coming day I shall feel the nail marks in His hands and in His feet and shall wet His feet with my tears.
But I shall not know any better then than I know now that He is God’s Almighty Son, that He is our Savior and Redeemer, and that salvation comes in and through His atoning blood and in no other way” (The Liahona, Apr. 2011, The Purifying Power of Gethsemane).
Can we also say this of our Savior? Are we growing closer to Him each day? Are we asking for more faith and then doing everything possible to act when the trials of our faith come? I know that if we do this, we will see miracles in our lives. 
I love you all a ton!
Hermanita Hill
Vuelta del mundo en Abasto.

Ummmm......Please tell me you've seen this.


Anto y Alex :)

This is how we get things done in Almagro if we want hot water.

El Obisbo y Amelia.  Precioso!


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