Thursday, July 26, 2012


Dear Family,

Thank you for your lovely emails! OMGsh (do people still say that?) I want to squeeze the tar out of Easton! (Who am I? :)) Also tell KaCee CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! How weird that everyone is all engaged and married and have criaturas and stuff. (Sometimes the people here call kids criaturas. jaja.) I hope you had fun/are having fun on your trip! Tell all the fam hola for me!

As always, no time. We are busy and happy. We received the flyers....fliers?....volantes.....for the temple open house! It´s been fun to hand them out and let people know about this AMAZING EVENT in the history of Argentina! I´ll have to mail you one so you can see what they look like, they're pretty legit. Yesterday we gave talks about the temple and the importance of inviting everyone not only to the open house, but also to church. Hna Sosa gave the class in Relief society and I gave the class in Young Women and we did practices of how to invite people to church next week. The Bishop and ward council organized a special Sunday for next week especially for investigators to explain why we have temples so that they will be able to understand when they go to the open house, and so they have the desire to become a member of the church to be able to enter and receive the blessings! Our ward is LEGIT: We´re hoping to have a lot of investigators in church next week. By they way, way to go for bringing investigators of your own to church! I´m sure the missionaries LOVE YOU.

Gotta run. Keep being awesome.

Hermana Hill

P.S. Hermana Bustios always calls me pitufina everytime I see her. Pitufina is the girl smurf. She says that if she painted me blue we would look exactly alike....

Look, I got them to smile!  I love this family.

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