Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tell them you'll never, EVER go along!

Dear Family!

So much exciting news in one email! Thank you for always keeping me posted on what´s going on in the motherland. Tell Easton happy birthday and give him a big huge beso for me, will ya? It boggles my mind that this kid is one year old and I still haven´t met him yet! The best things come to those who wait...amiright? Well, no time. Here are some pics!

Julieta got baptized! Her grandpa, Sergio, baptized her. Her mom, Gisela, is a less active member. As her daughter was baptized, she felt the spirit very strongly and tears came to her eyes. I love the spirit. Maria de los Angeles is her aunt...which is funny because she´s like her same age. She´s super awesome and loves going to church with her niece and sharing the gospel with all of her friends. Jeramías is Juli´s brother and he´s so cute. On the day of her baptism he just cried and cried saying "me quiero bautizar!" (I want to get baptized!) Finally, his grandpa gave him a tithing slip and told him it was his baptismal paper. He stopped crying after that and took the slip around with him everywhere he went!

Familia Luna!  I love them!

Well I was going to send you a bunch more pictures but the computer is being SOOO  SLOWWWW and you know how that gets. 

Jacob 5:72 :) (Doesn´t just apply to the mission, you know!)

I love you and sorry this was so short!

Hermana Hill

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