Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Subway: comé rico y sano

Dear Family,

We just ate a terriyaki chicken sandwich from Subway. They have subways here if you were wondering :) Okay to answer your questions before I forget: I have no idea what holiday they were celebrating last Monday...they have a random holiday like every week. It was actually a new one that they just invented I think, but I forgot to ask what it was. Oh and just to warn you the 15th is also a holiday so just in case you don´t get an email that day, don´t worry! About the flooding, I guess a few times a year, depending on the year, they get SUPER bad flooding because they get these big, nasty winds that blow all the water from La Plata into Tigre. Did you know that Tigre was once a giant river? So yeah we´re talkin lots of water, like waist high in some areas....let´s just say I learned a whole knew meaning for the phrase "gird up your loins." They said it has been worse in years past but they´re working on the drainage system. So that´s good. They said it might happen again, you just never know. On Sundy, Zamira was baptized! She is so cute and SO smart. She is such a fast learner and says the cutest prayers. I love teaching this family because every time we pray, they say "Vamos a hacer amen!" And they all get all excited and fold their arms. And then sometimes Daniel, who is five, says the prayer and he clasps his hands in front of his face and he just rambles and asks for the most random things in his prayers, but they are so full of heart haha. I thought little kids praying in english was cute, but that was until I heard Daniel pray. Cuteness to the maximum! Well that´s the summary for the week. I´m so pumped for General Conference. I think this time we´ll be able to watch it in english, which is always pretty nice. I love making goals and looking for how I can become better as I listen to the talks. I encourage you all to do so, to take a little time to evaluate the ole life and see how Heavenly Father´s servants   can answer our questions, and help us achieve our deepest desires. I love you all a billion and am glad to hear you are doing well. I am so grateful for you. En serio.

Hermana Hiiiiilllll.

Adrian and Zamira!

Love them all!

Daniel, Marcos, and Zamira cantando

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