Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Switch it, change it, rearrange it!


Today we had traslados! I am still in Tigre! Suprise suprise :) I´m super pumped to still be here. Hermana Rentería se fue! Guess where???? By birthplace! Zárate II! I´m so excited for her and gave her the rundown of the area, the people, the bikes, etc. She´s gonna love it. I am here with Hermana Hualpa...she´s super awesome! She´s from Peru but lived in Chile most of her life. Mom, I´m with a Chilean! Woo woo! 

Thanks a million for the package! It was the best!

I don´t have time!

Here are some pics!

Hermanita Hill

P.S. Hannah, I heard that one ring tone you had that sounds like ducks the other day and it made me laugh a lot

P.P.S. Mom, the other day we walked past some men that were doing construction and they all started singing "Vamos a la Iglesia" to the tune to "vamos a la playa" haha don´t worry, we ignored them but it was pretty funny and it made me think of how you used to sing that song all the time!

Don't worry, dad, we are drinking lots of milk!

Thanks for the cute headbands!

El Distrito

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