Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Dear family,
Okay first off.....HALEY LOVELAND!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, Roseville, California?! Who would´ve thought??? Okay wow. And JENNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow so much news in one little email. I am so happy for my dear friends! I know that your lives are going in a lovely direction and that the Lord is so happy with your righteous decisions :) (Am I sounding like a mom?) But really. I am so happy for you both and I will write you more in a letter that will hopefully get to you by next year haha.
Guess what?!?!!? You´ll never guess. Okay I´ll tell you. I get to stay in Zárate!!!!!!!! Hermana Vargas and I are here for another transfer and are happy as can be. We have made a ton of goals and plans so we can do all we can to leave this ward better than we found it. I know that I am in this little city in Argentina for a reason and that with the help of the Lord I am finding it out. I am learning so much here. For example: how to ride a bike (I´ve only crashed like 6 times in total... :P) (wow I think that´s the first time I´ve typed the sticky-tongue-out face on my mission...), how to forget how to speak English and at the same time not know Spanish, how to not care that I´m always sweating, how to find my way home after riding through endless fields in the middle of nowhere, how to hand wash my clothes, how to teach people how to pray, how to listen ever so closely in order to hear the spirit, how to talk to complete strangers in a foreign language about the buenas nuevas that I have brought with me, how to counsel with the Lord, how to love these people so stinkin much. And all this in six months. But, wow, do I still have a lot to learn.
Maxi received the priesthood yesterday. Increíble. This Sunday he is going to pass the sacrament and I couldn´t be more thrilled that I get to be here to witness it. We are teaching two sisters, Mabel and Monica, who are sisters of a member in our ward. He is always talking to them about the church and inviting them to read the Book of Mormon and go to church. Mabel has investigated for quite a while and been to church many times. She told us that she knows the Book of Mormon is true, but always had a fear of being baptized because she didn´t think she would be able to complete with the responsibilities that come with being a member. Monica has never been to church before but knows a little from her brother. Recently, their other sister took her own life and it has been devastating for the family. Last week we had the opportunity to teach them both about the Plan of Salvation. They both are reading, and asking questions, and praying and, wow, it´s amazing. This tragedy in their lives has really made them sensitive to the spirit and want to search and find answers and have some sort of anchor in their lives. The gospel is their anchor. We are going to continue to teach them and help them to see that they can have the opportunity to see their sister again. We have taught them about the work that is done in temples. In our last lesson with Mabel, she told us about a dream she had. Hermana Vargas and I came to her house, but there was someone else who came behind us, wearing a hood. She asked us who she was, but we didn´t respond. The person took off their hood and said "yo soy." It was her sister and she came for help. It is amazing to me that we not only can bring the gospel to people on earth, but also on the other side of the veil.
Well I just love you to pieces. Congratulations on the blessing of Easton :) Don´t forget to send me pictures. Aw, what a cute eternal family you are.
Hermana Hill

GUESS WHAT?! Hna Vargas just informed me that I slept, sleep, slep talked....talked in my sleep....last night. IN SPANISH! woot.

Ohhhh noooo!

Hna Coronel and Hna Franco helping us out with our bosque in our backyard.
(Hna Jones, can you believe our bosque?!)

Celebrating 6 meses! (The bottle has Madagascar 2 and says "Fiesta para los  ninos :) )

I debated whether or not to send this picture, but I have a feeling a lot
of people will appreciate it.  We went to the end of the earth the other day.
(Hna. Jones, we went to Calle 60!!!!  Wayyy off the map.  Then we couldn't
even find the house we were looking for)

Gotta love this kid!

Luisa y Mabel

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