Monday, January 23, 2012


First and foremost, Happy Birthday Kenners! (tomorrow) You share the same birthday as Hna Gonzalez. Lucky! I hope you have fun being old and stuff! I just remembered that I forgot to guess where April will go on her mission. I guess Africa. I hope I win! Oh and to answer your question, familia Bua is a less active family in our ward. They have like 11 kids. They´re an Argentine version of the Robins :) And, yes, it´s funny because Hna Vargas and I are really similar. She is a smiiidge shorter than me and is Guatemalan but other than that....twins. Down to our matching dimples haha.
Last week, we decided to use the ward list to find new investigators. Hermana Vargas saw a name on the list of a family who lives close to our house. We went and there was an older lady, Delfina, sitting outside of the house with two little girls. At first it seemed like she didn´t want anything to do with us but we got talking and found out that all her kids and a lot of her grandkids are members, but she isn´t. The two girls, Betsábe and Naira were her great grandkids. They live with their mom, Micaela, who is a member, in the house next door. We got talking to her (Micaela) and she said she has no belief in God anymore because three years ago her husband died in a motorcycle accident and she feels that it is unjust. She said she sees people on the streets doing terrible things and don´t receive any punishment, but the people who are trying to live good lives are the ones who suffer. My heart ached for her. We testified to her about the Plan of Salvation, and about prayer. She said she doesn´t even want to try to pray. At the end of the lesson we invited them to church. In the morning, we went to pick them up at 9, and no one answered. I said to Hna Vargas jokingly, maybe they already my dreams. We ended up going to church without anyone and were all sad not to have any investigators. When we walked in, we saw Delfina, Naira, and Betsábe sitting there talking to some members in the ward. They told us they got there at 8:30! They said they left early to make sure they got there on starts at 9:30. And Delfina even had her bag full of crackers and goodies for her great grandkids. It was so great. I am excited to keep teaching them and helping them learn more! And I know through their example Micaela will see a change in her life and want to return.
Well we´re going to go to the río now to write some letters. Chaoooo. LOVE YOU.
Hermana Hill
ps could you post that quote on my blog by CS Lewis? Thank you for finding it! It´s one of my favs
Also could you send me the homemade brownie recipe? :):):):):)

Elder Tome (Elders Quorum President) helping me out
with my flat tire.

Noche de Hogar with the ladies...Luisa, Monica, Mabel, Susana

Hna Vargas made a rica torta

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