Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pequeñas y Sencillas‏

Okay SOOOO sorry. I send an email last week but just now today it told me it didn´t send because I had too many attachments :( So this is the email of last week......
Hello family!
Hope you´re ready for another.....SEMANA EN FOTOS! It´s been a loco
week like always! Full of challenges and blessings a FULL. (Mom, do
people say "a full" in Chile too? Or is it just an Argentina thing?) I
can´t believe that Hna Jones got to hold Easton before me!!! Haha how
cute that you all went to lunch together. I hope you are all doing
well and are loving life. Because life is to be loved. Okay here goes:
Mi distrito. So we we were going to go see the colorful houses
but we were sitting there waiting for the colectivo for almost an
hour. So we ended up going to the chapel and playing handball. In our
skirts haha.

Who doesn´t love a district jumping picture?

It rained HUGE piedras! But right before we had to leave the hail
stopped and it only rained. Our Heavenly Father was looking out for

Violeta! She is awesome. She´s 23 and her boyfriend is a less
active member. But she was interested in the church so because of her
they both started going to church. We taught her and she was baptized
this Saturday! But guess what? The morning of her baptism, she moved
to another ward and was baptized there, so we didn´t get to see her
get baptized :( But that´s okay because it doesn´t matter where it is,
the most important thing is that it happened!  Doris and I at the capilla abierta en Almagro.    She´s so great.

She was baptized right before I got to Almagro and she is such a great
missionary. Her story is incredible. She has studied the bible a TON
and has been to a bunch of different churches. At first she was really
skeptical about the Book of Mormon but after studying a lot, she
received an incredible answer that it is true.

Capilla abierta en Almagro! A bunch of the wardies.

Elder and Hermana Garvin (they´re in charge of all the capilla
abiertas), Bishop Galbuchi and his wife (they are the best ever), and
the Hermanas de Congreso (Hna Quispe is from Peru, and Hermana Hermosa
is from Argentina)

Capilla Abierta en la Boca. The youth were awesome, they were out
in the streets inviting everyone who passed by!

La familia Bustios. I love this family! They have had so many
challenges but are always relying on the Lord. The husband was
baptized about a year ago and they are working on their goal of being
sealed in the temple.

I see more and more every day that the only way to be happy is by
living the gospel. I am seeing just how important it is to do the
small and simple things (Alma 37:6-7). The details matter! On Sunday
we had a meeting with the stake presidency, mission president, and the
missionaries in the stake. The stake president shared a story about
two missionaries who decided to wheel a less active member in her
wheelchair to church every week.....5 kilometers down (and back up) a
steep mountain. With time, the members also began to help. In the end,
she was able to go to the temple and receive her endowment, her family
reactivated, and her daughter served a mission. Sometimes we don´t see
the results of our efforts, but I know that if we do all that we can
with love, our efforts are not in vain. If we serve with charity, the
blessings come and lives are changed.
Hermana Hill

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