Monday, February 27, 2012

El Campo Blanco Está YA‏

Hello hello hello helloooo!
Well I survived my first week in the concrete jungle! So different but I love it. Although I do kind of miss my helmet. It´s a lot different walking instead of biking. For example, the first two days we ran down the sidewalk full speed, dodging pedestrians to arrive safely in our apartment on time. But let me tell you that my companion is a champ. She has a hip replacement and still walks faster than I do! We always say hi to everyone who passes by. It´s funny because in Zárate, almost everyone said hi back. Here, the people don´t have a lot of confidence in other people and most of the time ignore us or are really surprised and ask where they know us from. The pre existence, of course! But our ward is so so great. It is a lot bigger, that´s for sure. And the members help us a lot. We had to give talks this Sunday....kind of short notice. It was a sacrament meeting of missionary work. I´m really excited to work here and find and help new people! I know that the field is ready for the....siega? Shoot I can´t remember the word but you know what I mean. There are soooo many people prepared here! I can just feel it. We recently started teaching a bunch of families that all live in this one big place. It´s hard to explain, but it´s like a building with a big gate, and inside are all these rooms with different families. Last week, Hna Peralta and her companion were looking for a reference and ended up talking to a girl named Ailen and her friends. This week we went back to talk to them and their families and are now teaching a bunch of people all in this little space. (Oh and we got locked in on Sunday for about 1 1/2 hours because the door got stuck...long story). It´s so fun because there are so many kids. They are the best to teach. Five of them went to church on this Sunday and we are going to continue working with them all and their families! We have also started teaching a woman named Estela, who was a referral from one of the less active members in our ward. She is in a wheelchair, so on Sunday we wheeled her to church. We got there about a half hour late (other long story), but she loved church and is preparing to be baptized. There are so many people to teach and so little time! Three members also brought their non member friends to church. Members are so important in missionary work!
About the train wreck, it was in our area. President Gulbrandsen called us to make sure we were alright and that there wasn´t any possibility that any other missionaries were on the train. It happened at about 8 in the morning, so we were all inside studying. One of the members has a friend whose sister was killed and whose brother was in the hospital in critical condition and they are also members. So we have been praying for that family and everyone else involved. It was a really unfortunate accident and I´m sure all your prayers would be appreciated! Don´t worry, we hardly ever take trains, and will never have a need to take that train. I know that we are always protected!
I don´t have a lot of time but I would like to leave you with a scripture. Today I was reading 1 Nefi 17:50-51 and contemplating how cool Nephi is. I know that when the Lord commands us, we need to do it, no más. There is ALWAYS a way to follow the commandments. It requires faith and work, but it CAN be done and it WILL bring blessings. Exact obedience is so important and gives us so much strength. 
Okay I really have to go. 
I love you lots!
Nos vemos
Hermana Hill 

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