Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hello familia de mi corazón!
Primeramente.......Feliz Cumpleaños, Kay boo!!!!! Uh oh, I just discovered the emoticons........<-------un abrazo para todos! Kaylee, I have a letter for you that I wrote a long time ago that you probably won´t get until like Christmas because, well, I haven´t sent it yet. But just know that I love you and hope you had a great birthday! Wow, everyone is all over the place! I wish you all the best in all of your endeavors, you are always all in my prayers. Sisters, remember that even though I´m not there to hear all your stories, I´m just a letter away! 
Sunday was pretty great. At first a little frustrating because of all the investigators we had talked to and planned to pass by in the morning to pick them up to go to church, most of them slumbered away. These Argentines love their sleep! But the good news is that Mercedes was confirmed! She felt the spirit so strongly and is so happy to have received the Holy Ghost. All that day, the lessons just happened to be about the Holy Ghost and the blessings and guidance we can receive if we remain worthy. Awesome thing number two is that Familia Perez went to church! They are a less active family who hasn´t been to church for like 7 years. We always visited them and invited them, and finally they went. They have a son who is going to turn eight next month and the father is going to prepare himself to be able to baptize his son and they want to prepare to be able to see the rededication of the temple. Also, there were two other inactive families who we have been visiting who went to church. It´s amazing how by teaching these families more about the temple, they are having more desires to return to church and enjoy the blessings of the gospel.
You know how I said that as a mission, we are reading the Book of Mormon before the temple rededication? I was mistaken and we actually are reading it in two months, so I will be finishing about July 4th (speaking of....Mercedes sister who is a member and lives in the U.S. is coming to visit July 4th. I hope I´m still here! Did I tell you that we got to talk to her on the phone? The other day we went to Mercedes house for lunch and her sister just happened to have called right before we got there. We were able to talk to her and she was rrrre happy and thanked us for helping her sister. It was really cool to talk to hear and hear how content she was ) Where was I going with this.....? I can´t remember. But how are you all on your reading of the Book of Mormon? Good? Great!
The other day we had zone conference. President Gulbrandsen talked a lot about the sacrament and what it represents. To be honest, when I was younger I always thought it was boring when people gave lessons or talks about the sacrament. I really didn´t understand what it meant at all. I knew that I should think about Christ and his atonement, but here in the mission I am learning so much more. of what a gift the sacrament is, how we are literally receiving the atonement of Christ by partaking of the sacrament and that we need to make an offering every week...a broken heart and a contrite spirit. The sacrament is ESSENTIAL to truly repent. We really can´t have the spirit with us if we don´t take the sacrament with desires to offer a sacrifice, to change something in our lives that needs to be changed that can only happen with the help of our Savior, through the atonement. I love 3 Nephi 18, when it talks about how when we take the sacrament, we are filled. I know that we are filled spiritually with the Holy Ghost. I have been trying harder to really prepare myself to take of the sacrament, to think about the things that need get rid of and offer them as a sacrifice to the Lord during the sacrament. I challenge you all to do the take a little bit of time Sunday morning, or Saturday night and say a prayer. Ask the Lord to help you to make the sacrament the most important part of your week. Tell Him the things you´re want to change, and ask for His help. I know that he will answer your sincere prayers.
I love you all un montón!
Hermana Hill

P.S. I don´t know if you´ve heard but they made a law or something that people can't exchange pesos and dollars here. I could make millions by selling dollars. Some random guy on the street even offered to buy dollars from me jaja.

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