Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Come on, vamanos!

Dear Family,

Good news, today is transfer day and I get to stay here in Almagro
with Hna Sosa! Estamos re-felices! Come on let´s get to it, I know
that we can do it! (Name that chica).

Well, I hope you are enjoying your adventures in Nauvoo! It really is
an amazing place, I know you will feel the spirit and learn a lot. I
especially love the temple. The baptismal font is incredible! I want
to go back to be able to do a session. I have the ganas to visit every
temple in the WORLD! The rededication of the Buenos Aires temple is
getting closer and closer! We still don´t know what we are going to be
able to participate in as missionaries but I hope we get to help in
some way. Did I already tell you that Pres Eyring is going to come? He
is one of my favs! He has always kind of reminded me of Grandpa Hill.
And sometimes dad too. I don´t know if it´s the lack of hair or the
spirit I always feel as he is speaking and starts to choke up a little
bit :)

We had quite an experience that happened to a family in our ward, the
Familia Feresin. (I was at their house when we skyped for mother´s
day). On Friday, they were in an elevator on the 18th floor (the
parents, a son, a daughter, and the sister of the mom) and the
elevator free-fell, with all of them inside. Because of the impact,
the elevator fell past the bottom floor. They were rushed to the
hospital and the son, Kevin, called the Bishop. The bishop expected
the worst because he couldn´t imagine that anyone could survive such
an experience. To his surprise, they were all awake and alert and they
only suffered some broken bones in their legs. On Sunday, we had a
meeting in the morning with the missionaries, bishops, and stake
presidency, and the stake president told the story to everyone and
attributed this miracle to the covenants they had made in the temple.
Ofelia (the mom) said that she literally felt angels protecting them
as they fell (DyC 109:22). I know that the covenants we make in the
temple protect us physically and spiritually. It´s amazing how much
the Lord blesses us when we make these covenants, promise to obey, and
live in a way to be worthy of protection. I hope you are taking
advantage of having a temple so close. I am learning more and more of
the importance of the temple as we are preparing and inviting people
to partake of these blessings that our Heavenly Father offers us so
willingly. I am just itching to be able to enter again, it has been so

G2G. Thank you for your examples. Thank you for your support. Thank
you for your love. Reading your emails every week gives me so much
motivation to use every moment that I have here. It´s incredible how
fast it is flying. I can´t believe my year mark is coming up so soon.
I still feel like a "green" hill far away. I´m so humbled to be able
to have this experience and know that no matter what I do, I won´t be
able to be able to pay back all that my Savior has done for me. But,
I´m sure am trying and have such a desire to do even more these last
six months. Thank you for your prayers! Please continue praying, but
not only for me....pray for the people here. Pray that we can find
those who will enter the waters of baptism and continue on the enter
the temple. Ninety percent of converts who enter the temple stay
active for the rest of their life!

Well folks, I love you and hope you have an excellent day!

Love, la hermanita

P.S. A boy in our ward, Benjamin, got his call to Viña del Mar! He is
a ward missionary right now. Any tips for him, mom?
P.P.S. Remember when we went to temple square to stalk the sister
missionaries and we found one from Argentina? I think it is the friend
of one of the missionaries here! Can you send me the picture that we
took so I can show her?
P.P.P.S. If you want you can send me microwave-able kettle corn.

Can't ever quite have a normal picture of the district

Despedida de Hna Gonzalez y Hna Cariola

In the train station on the way to the despedida with Victor (investigator),
Marisol (member), and Alex (member who is from Latvia, lives in England,
but is stuck here in Argentina because he missed his flight.  And he only
speaks English and Russian...).

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