Monday, June 18, 2012

Señor Don Gator was a Cat‏

Felíz día del Padre!!!!!! Dad, I sure love you a lot and am so grateful that you are such a good example to me. I have seen and heard of a lot of not so pleasant things that happen to families when the father isn´t the kind of person that he should be and it´s so comforting to know that I have the BEST DAD IN THE WORLD! (P.S. Thanks for the update about my bro Manu. Good thing I´m not there to watch the NBA finals because all my main men are playing, I don´t think I´d be able to pick a team! I think you´ve got me convinced about Durrant and OKC. Nothing better than a good scripture reading bball player....) Sooooooo moving on to more missionary like things...Congrats to Cajin!!! Wow, I can´t wait to hear about the crazy experiences you are going to have in ROME! You will be such a great missionary!
Well it has started getting real cold here so I´ve been making good use of my bufandas. The cold with the humidity gets right into your bones, but it still isn´t as bad as winters in Logan...yet. This week, Victor went to church with his two kids, Alexander (9) and Antonela(6). At first, Alexander wasn´t all that thrilled to go, but after Primary, he didn´t want to leave! Victor is awesome, he has such a desire to change is life, to be a better dad for his kids. So it was perfect that they all went to church together on father´s day. We also went to pick up some other investigators and when we knocked on the door, one of their friends, Miguel, answered. We had never met him before, but he said his friends were sleeping and they wouldn´t wake up, but he ended up coming with us. He´s 20 and is from Peru and has been here for about 10 months.
Don´t have a lot of time but know that I love you and I love the obra and am happy to be here learning so much that my brain is going to explode!
Love, Hna Hill
P.S. Can you send me the cheesecake recipe?
P.P.S. When does Kenzie get home from the mish?

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