Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Going to the registro civil and we´re gonna get ma-a-arried!


Not a lot of time, but I´ve got some good news! A little better than the BYU game probably....(good thing I wasn´t there watching that, eh? I know I´m here on a mission for a reason! haha) Well, here it is: Adrian and Cristina got married! It was lovely and they are just progressing so much and Cristina and Zamira (Christina´s daughter) are super excited for their baptisms. Also, Nahuel got baptized! And his family is preparing to follow his example. It was a great week and I love you!
Oh and p.s. we had transfers but I am staying! With Hermana Rentería! We´re super stoked.

The district

The happy couple!

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