Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Dear Family,

So sorry for not emailing yesterday! It was a holiday and everywhere was closed so we got permission to write today. I´m still alive and kickin, don´t worry :) Not a lot of time,as always, but just wanted to give you a few updates. Cristina got baptized! It was beautiful. Adrian was actually a less active member but started going back to church, got married, baptized his wife, and next Sunday Cristina´s daughter, Zamira, is going to get baptized because she turned eight yesterday. And they are preparing to get sealed in the temple in a year. Doesn´t get much better than that! I´m so going to be there for their sealing, sí o sí. What else has happened...oh yeah we had some pretty sick flooding of the river! That was fun. And a lot of other stuff that there´s no time to write about.To answer your question, yeah, I´m thinkin that I´m going to spend the rest of my time here, which is really weird to think about so I try not to :) You really never know though, anything can happen. Man I never want to leave, I love Tigre so much! It sounds like the temple dedication in BC was awesome! That´s so cool that temples are being dedicated left and right. Well Iove you all a ton and I know that living the gospel of Jesus Christ is the right way to live. It is more and more evident to me every day of my mission. Thank you all for everything, I love you un montón!

Hermana Hill

P.S. Could you send me a new debit card? mine got warped somehow and the ATMs don´t accept it so I can´t get cash out :(
We had interviews with Pres. and he told me that they are planning on sending all the missionaries that need to go back to school home on the 31st of December just to give you a heads up.


Chillin' with the sisters on Pday...Hna Shelley just got
transferred to my zone!


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