Sunday, September 9, 2012

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Hey Heeeeyyyy!

Thanks for your letters! I´m glad you´re having fun! I love you! (ps what is my subject line from? I can´t remember)

So...don´t have time to write but this week we sent our mission president the miracles we have seen through the temple open house, so let me just forward that right on to you all :)

Miracles of the Temple:

Leonardo y Lucia

Leonardo (11) lives with his grandmother, Lucia. They started receiving the missionary lessons in the middle of August. We were helping them to prepare for baptism, but Lucia was hesident to accept a baptismal date and give permission for Leonardo to be baptized because she believed that they needed to prepare themselves for at least a year. They attended church and enjoyed it, but still had the same mindset. When Tigre went to the temple together as a branch, they both went out of curiosity. Leonardo was impacted by the baptismal font, and left the temple wanting to be baptized for his grandpa, Lucia´s husband, in the temple. He knew that he would first need to be baptized in order to also be baptized for his grandpa. After hearing his desire, Lucia allowed him to be baptized. Although there was much adversity leading up to that special day, Leonardo was baptized on September 1st, and confirmed the next day. He will be able to see the rededication of the temple on the ninth. Lucia is also preparing for her baptism on September 16th, and even bore her testimony and shared her gratitude over the pulpit on the day of Leonardo`s confirmation. She told of an experience that she had with her daughter, Ines, (Leonardo`s mom) fourteen years ago. Ines had talked to missionaries and wanted to go to church, but Lucia, because of her strong catholic background, did not let her go. Lucia recognizes now that she should have helped Ines to become a member of a church and has even more of a dedication to help Leonardo be a strong member. She knows they are pioneers that will help their family not only in the future, but also in the past, through the blessings of the temple.

Cristina y Adrian:

Adrian, a less active member, took Cristina, his girlfriend, and her three children to the temple open house. Cristina is investigating the church and will be baptized on September 23rd. They will be getting married on September 14th, and are preparing to go to the temple a year after Cristina´s baptism to be sealed as an eternal family. 


Milagros (13) is an investigator who went with us to the temple open house with her cousin, Mailen (13), who is a recent convert. She mentioned that in the sealing room, as she looked in the reflection of the two mirrors, she saw her mom, who died when she was young. She now has desired to be baptized for her in the temple.

We are very excited to participate in the temple rededication and the events leading up to it. I love being a missionary, and even more at this amazing time in Argentina. We have seen the blessings, as well as the adversity that comes with something of this magnitude, but we couldn´t be more grateful to be here!

I love you all a ton, thanks for your love and support!

Hna Cerro

P.S. Dad, my companion totally saw Scott Bacula. In person. I told her that you look like him. Or maybe he looks like you...

We lost electricity for a while.  Our friend, Jorge,
showing us the source of the problem.

Leonardo y Federico!  Que fuertes.

With his grandma, Lucia :).

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