Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bring on the HEAT!

Dearest Familia,

Well summer has begun and it's hotter than a pistol and we're not quite sure we'll survive for when summer REALLY starts but I think we can handle it because we're workin for the Lord! Hermana Hualpa and I are super pumped to be working here in Tigre and are finding a bunch of new investigators. Mom, I was actually with Hermana RenterĂ­a as long as all of my other companions. I've been really lucky to have every single one of my companions for two transfers--12 weeks! And yes, Hna Hualpa will most likely "kill" me. Nooooooooo!!!!!! Did I tell you that Hna Shelley and I got to be companions for an evening? She is training this transfer, so while she was waiting for her companion to get here, she stayed with us for a night and came to our appointments with us. We always knew we would be comps again! It sounds like you all are doing well and having a lot of fun! And happy birthday to Cade!!!! Hope it was super divertido!

I have been learning a lot about diligence and faith and we have been praying and fasting to find those who the Lord is preparing. We are looking for FAMILIES who are prepared. Practically no one here is married, which makes things tricky. But we KNOW that there are people waiting for this message and through our sacrifices and diligence and faith, come their opportunities. More and more I am realizing how important it is to rely on the Lord and the spirit, and not on my own strength or knowledge. Thank you for your prayers, I love you all a ton and I gotta go!

Hermana Hill

Hermana Hualpa about to be attacked
 by a bruja!

Summer has begun!  (Ignore the pansa)

It's asado and its happy to see you :)

Ghosties for Halloween!

Some cute cards that some little girls found out of the
trash on the street and gave to us. Haha que tierno!

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