Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hello Family!

Last week has been full of prayer, fasting, running, hard work, and miracles. Yesterday was the baptism of Maria Laura :) She is the mom of two girls who were baptized last year. They were baptized with their grandma and always went to church with her, but the grandma moved, and since then, they haven´t gone to church. We went to visit them to see how we could help and began teaching Maria Laura. They have been going to church together as a family and she made the decision to be baptized! Have you ever noticed how the gospel is perfect for families? Also yesterday was the primary program and her little girls got to sing and say their little one-liners. We`re really helping the primary to grow here in Tigre! We´ve got a whole bunch of future leaders here. It´s crazy how kids really are more of an example to their parents than the other way around sometimes. It´s always saying in the scriptures how we need to become like little children...Mosíah 3:19, 3 Nephi 11:38, Mateo 19:17...(or maybe it was 17:19). There is a lot we can learn from these little people, as I´m sure you are seeing from being with Easton! Thanks for being so great! Love you LOTS!

Oh also I was going to tell you that a girl who I was teaching in Almagro, Aylen (I send a picture of her once) got baptized! And now she´s sharing the gospel with the whole world! Did I also tell you that Victor´s son, Alex got baptized? It´s so awesome to see that when we plant little seeds they actually are harvested sometimes!!! 

Hermana Hill

P.S. A girl in the stake, Rocio Rios got called to Cordoba also! She leaves December 13, as well as Hna Hualpa´s friend. When does Karina leave? Also Hna Hualpa wants to see a picture of Karina if you could send one. 

Bautismo de Maria Laura!  (spot the Daniel)

Love these guys!

Ezequiel.  Nuff said.

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