Thursday, February 2, 2012

¿Qué sé yo?

Dear family,
Wow, congrats to April on her mission call! Russia! Wow. I knew it would be some place crazy. Her and Kyle will be able to speak in Russian together. How cute. Tutuca is a snack Hna Vargas and I eat a lot. It´s like popcorn but all puffed up...can´t really explain it haha. I´m glad Hannah is learning more Spanish! She better be fluent the next time we skype on Mother´s day. Mom, good luck with your skit! I´m sure it will be a hoot. Please film it :) And thank you very much for the brownie recipe, I am very excited to share this gift with the people of Argentina!
Let me tell you about some experiences we had this week. We went to an appointment with a less active member, Adriana, who lives super far away. She wasn´t there. So we decided to contact a referral we had from the mission offices. We started heading back the opposite direction up a nice big incline, looking for the street of the referral. We asked someone where it was and she pointed us in the direction that we came. So we went back down the big hill again to where we just were. We found the house and realized it was only one block from Adriana. And guess what? The guy didn´t even live there anymore. So we went all that way for....nothing? I think not! As we were leaving the neighborhood thinking we had gone all that way for nothing, Adriana had just gotten off a bus and was walking in our direction. Wow. We were able to have a great talk with her. She cried and told us she was grateful that she was able to talk to us in that moment.
Experience number two: We had a few minutes to spare before we had to go to our house for the night, so we decided to visit a less active member who we didn´t know on our list of members, Estela. We went to her house and she told us that she hasn´t been able to go to church for a long time because she takes care of little old ladies and is not able to leave them. She asked us if we would say a prayer with her. When we went in, she (Teresa), was in her wheelchair and wouldn´t talk or move. Estela said that usually she talks and everything so she was really nervous. We were able to help her move her to the bed and Estela called an ambulence. We read a scripture with her and said a prayer. Before we left, Estela thanked us and told us that she knew we were sent in that moment from Heavenly Father. We talked to her today and she told us that Teresa has an infection and is in the hospital being treated.
Something I have been learning is that Heavenly Father really is guiding our lives. It is by the slightest thoughts and feelings that we are able to listen to and follow the spirit, and most of the time we don´t even realize that we are being guided until something happens that helps us to recognize that He is there every step of our lives. If we are living righteously, we won´t be lead in the wrong direction. It gives me a lot of comfort to know that we literally have angels helping us (DyC 84:88).
Thank you for your love and support!
Love, Hermanita Heeeel
El Rio

A member gave us a kilo of ice cream for Hna Vargas'
8 month mark and we ate it 43 minutes :S

Dad is going to call me a wimp, but it was scary, okay?

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