Wednesday, February 15, 2012

¡Feliz día de Cariño!


Hope you all have a lovely Valentine´s day!  I don´t have a lot of time so this week´s email is going to be....the week in fotos! But first I have to announce that Maxi passed the sacrament this Sunday!! I couldn´t stop smiling. He had on his white shirt and tie and jeans because he doesn´t have suit pants. He was so nervous but it was awesome. I´m like a proud mother. Speaking of being a proud mother.....congrats CAM CAM! First chair??? En serio. No puedo creerlo! And HANNERS BANANERS! State swim champpp! Please send me your autographs.

Walter and his girlfriend Katy. He is 18 and his parents kicked him out of his house. One day he found an article of faith card on the ground and knew it was a sign that he needs to look for Christ. Katy is a less active member and is helping him and she is returning to church! Wow it´s amazing how the Lord prepares people.

Hna Coronel. We eat lunch with her every Thursday. Her husband isn´t a member which is really hard for her but she has always been super active in the church

On Saturday we went to an area in our Zone, Lima, to help invite people to church because they only have like 8 people in the chapel every week. It was a stake activity and small groups were assigned members to visit. I was with two girls from Zárate I. We went and visited one family, but were only able to talk to the daughter because the parents were sleeping. We headed back to meet up with everyone at the church but were the first ones. So we decided to talk to the people next door. It was a woman who we found out was a less active member. We invited her to go and she was really excited and has a daughter and granddaughter who aren´t members who are excited to go as well. It was a small miracle!

Hna Alfaro took me for a spin in Lima. Ouch..... 

Flia Lopez. The hermano is blind and has an artificial leg. But they are at church almost every week and his sweet wife always helps him get around.

Every morning a lady passes on our street on her bike blowing a whistle and yelling "Pan CASEROOOO!!!!!!" So the other day we decided to buy some. Best decision ever.

Well there you have it! My life in a nutshell. I love the gospel. Every single answer to life´s questions and every single trial is solved through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Don´t ever lose faith! This morning I was reading in 1 Nefi 5 when Saríah was going through a really hard time when she thought her sons would never come back. Instead of looking to the Lord, she began to doubt. She didn´t realize that it was a trial of her faith. In verse 8 is when her sons came back and she looked back and realized that she had nothing to worry about. Her testimony was strengthened through this hard time. There are so many times when I look back on my life during a time I thought was hard and can only laugh because I realize that it wasn´t life ending at all. That if we stay strong and continue keeping the commandments and trying our best we have the Lord´s promise that He will guide us in the right direction. 

I love you!

La Hermanita

P.S. We have transfers next week! Wish me luck!

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