Thursday, August 23, 2012

i went down to the river one day


This is going to be a week in pictures. I wanted to write you more but this computer is being crazy and testing my patience. But I want to wish mom and dad a happy anneversary! I promise I didn´t forget, I just forgot to tell you last Monday  Also I don´t know if I ever told Cade and Kaylee congrats for theirs last month....just know even though sometimes I forget to tell you, I still love you . And happy birthday to Cam Cam tomorrow! Hope it´s awesome!! Okay here are the pics. This week was awesome! I love you!

This is the temple at night

The family of Kiara.  I love them!

Kiara got baptized!  Ignore the random kid head in the corner.

President Torre, the branch president, baptized her.
He's big, she's little.  So cute.

At the temple with some other hnas.  Ignore the big cones...haha.

We call this one "the sky of the tiger".

Milagros :)

Her with Marcelo and her cousin Mailen, who is a member.

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