Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lions and Tigres and Bears

Hey family!

Guess what? I am in Tigre!!!!! Of course, there are always mixed emotions when transfers come. I´m really going to miss Almagro and the AWESOME people there, but I am excited to get working here in Tigre. It´s different than both Zárate and Almagro because it´s not like super city, but it´s not campo either. It´s really pretty from what I´ve seen so far. There are rivers and stuff and we have a wicked view from our apartment window. My new companion is Hermana Renteria! She is from first companion from the states since my training days with Hermana Jones. She´s una capa I´m excited to trabajar a full and find those escogidos here. Today=13 meses. It´s hard to believe. Time FLIES when you´re having fun and serving others and learning un montón. I feel like I was companions with Hna Sosa for like two days and then we had transfers again. What the? But it´s all good. Well, the temple opened on Saturday and we are already receiving referrals of the people who went. I know that so many baptisms are going to come out of this amazing experience! On Saturday, we had an activity with the Young Men and Women to pass out flyers about the temple. I loved seeing the youth so excited to invite everyone. And I love hearing your stories about sharing the gospel!!!!! You are such good examples to me. Get those missionaries over there ya! Keep being good examples, mmk? As far as the thing on September 8th, we don´t have a lot of details of what it´s about but I´m guessing it´s like a special devotional with all the missionaries with the Apostles that are going to come here. All I know is that sometimes I feel so unprepared because I know that being here is such a huge responsibility, especially with the temple opening. We have the duty to invite everyone. To do everything possible to help these people know their Savior, Jesus Christ, and follow His example through baptism. President Gulbrandsen reminded us that our choices will affect their opportunities. Of course we can´t force anyone to accept this message, but we better be doing everything possible to make sure that these people have the opportunity to know the truth. We are here to gather Israel! It is such a responsibility, but also such a blessing. I love being here and I love you all a billion. 

Hermana Hill

P.S. I got your package. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´ll try to get those rings to Hna Sosa and Hna Vargas asap.

Humberto (from Brazil...was a Bishop and is here for a short time to learn  Spanish), yo,
Hna Sosa, Jose (Camila and Tiziana's dad...he is preparing for baptism!)

Hna Salva (Hna Renteria's last companion, goes home tomorrow!),
Hna Renteria (my nueva companera!), soy yo.

A couple P days ago we went to puerto madero, toured a little boat museum and saw puente de la mujer. Fue divertido! 

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