Monday, August 13, 2012


Dear Family,

I love you all a ton and I have like no time but I just want to tell you that I´m LOVIN LIFE. Man I have so many cool miracle stories to tell you but there is just not time. But let´s just say that the field is white and ready to harvest. There are seriously people everywhere who are just ready as can be to receive the gospel. We also had an awesome experience at the temple!!!!! Oh my gosh I loved it. We got to do like the introduction before they had the tour and we also got to be at the end of the tour to talk to the people and ask them what they liked and stuff. Everyone was amazed. It was so cool to talk to everyone and hear what their experience was like. We got all sorts of people. There were a couple guys from the Congo who had been here for only three months and they were learing spanish. They went through the open house like five times because they loved it so much. Wow I just want to write you more but there is no time. Know that I love you and oh yeah, I won´t be writing next Monday because we will be working in the temple again. What we do is get there at like 12 noon one day and then sleep the night in the hostal they have there next to the temple. We´re with like four other companionships of sisters so it´s really awesome, I love them all. Okay so I gotta go but I´ll email you sometime next week I think :) 

Hermana Hill

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