Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Acts 18:9-11

Well hi!

Sounds like you all had a great Halloween, I can´t wait to see pictures! Great job on all your accomplishments, everyone! My family is so talented. Thanks for all the updates on life, I love hearing about it.

To answer some of your questions...we eat with the members pretty much every day for lunch. They make so much food! We usually eat cereal in the morning, or facturas which are delicious. We usually don´t eat dinner and just eat a little when we get home at night. Hna Jones leaves in three weeks. I can´t believe it! I will more than likely stay here in Zárate when she leaves unless something crazy happens, but I´m pretty positive I´ll stay here. I´m super nervous to have her leave and have to show my new companion the ropes because I still feel like I have no clue what I´m doing. Also, you think I was directionally challenged before? You should see me riding a bike in the streets of Argentina...yikes. But it´ll be a learning experience :) Especially because I´ll probably have a Spanish speaking companion. Oh boy!

Speaking of bikes, we have been having technical difficulties with ours lately so we´ve had to take turns riding on the back of the bike while the other one rides, while the other bike is getting fixed. It is a sight to see! All I can say is thank goodness for spandex. And I thought people stared at us before......Oh well, any publicity is good publicity right? I wish I had a picture.

It´s starting to get pretty hot here, it´s weird to me that it is winter for you. I´ve already started sleeping on top of my covers at night because our house is an oven. It´s going to be crazy hot in a few months! It´s nice though. I love summer.

Oh...about that family with five kids. Well we talked to the dad and he said he didn´t want to go to church. He feels like so many churches are trying to convert him and he has had enough. He said we are welcome to come talk to him and his family, but he doesn´t want to go. We came back a few more times and tried everything to help him see the importance of the gospel, but finally we decided we need to move on and find others who are ready. It was pretty tough because they are such a great family and I know the gospel would help them so much and they would contribute greatly to the church. I hope that someday they will realize what it is they are missing. This is the case with a lot of people we have been teaching. They are so close, but they don´t want to commit to anything....they feel obligated. Which is when the scripture Alma 42:27 comes to mind.

Our biggest success here in Zárate has been in helping bring menos activos back to church. And many of these people have been helping in the obra misional. It´s awesome because their testimonies are coming back to life and they want to share the gospel with others. We are having a lot of them accompany us in lessons with investigators and it´s great. It reminds me of the scripture in Luke (22:32?) that says "when thou art converted, strenghen they brethren." Our mission has been focusing a lot on árbols of conversion (trees) and how we should be having recent converts and less active members help us in the work because they will share with their friends, and their friends with their friends, and so on until you have this giant tree of converts. Right now our tree is pretty small but I know with time it will yield lots of fruit! I was studying about this concept this morning and found some good scriptures about it that I will have to share next week because I don´t remember the references :)

Who was Cade´s mission president again? Was it Lawrence Corbridge?

Well I love you all a lot and hope you continue enjoying life!

Love, Hermanita Hill

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