Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pumpkin Head Harrrvey

Dear Family,

EASTON CADE BENNETT IS THE CUTEST!!!!! Thanks so much for the pictures, Kaylee. Awww, I wish I could hold him! Tell him I´m his favorite aunt, okay? He better know all about me! I´m glad everything went well. I´m sure you´re the best little parents ever. And I can´t believe my parents are grandparents! Blows my mind. Hopefully I can skype with you on Christmas and see him in "person."

LORENZO WENT TO CHURCH!!! It´s seriously a miracle. He hasn´t been for like at least ten years, and the last time we talked to him, he had no intention of going. But there we were, sitting in the chapel and in he this nice suit and everything! It was awesome, I wish I had a camera. I really was starting to think he would never come back. We visted him after church and he told us how on Saturday, he had a dream that his dad needed him to be baptized for him. So now he is going to become active again so he will be able to go to the temple! His wife also has a goal of going to the temple, so it´s just really great. Things like that are what makes all this work worth it.

On Friday, we did divisions with the Hermanas in Campana. They are both from Chile! I went to Campana with Hna Salas. It was a good experience! It was tricky with the language barrior though....I really saw just how much I don´t know. It´s definitely stressful not being able to express what I want to to people, but that´s how I´m learning to rely a lot more on the spirit. I´ve still got a lot to learn though! That´s a huge thing I´ve noticed being here on a mission...that I have a billion things I need to work on. As hard as it is, I realize it´s a good thing because I have this opportunity to work on making all those weaknesses strengths. A lot of times I want to have everything fixed all at once but I know it´s a process....a lifelong one. It´s all about repenting and mejorar-ing every day!

Want to know a scripture I read this morning that I like? Okay. Alma 62:41. I thought about how a lot of people become hardened in life because of difficult times they go through. A lot of people talk about that here, the world is becoming worse and worse and how hard life is and so on. But here´s the thing, when we go through hard times and stay humble and "soft" we can be molded into something really great instead of becoming calloused and gross.

Do I make sense? I feel like I´m at the point where I can´t speak in Spanish or English...meh.

Happy Halloween! Everyone tell me what you were for Halloween okay? And pictures are required.

Dad, good luck with your talk in the good ole Farmington Hills Ward! Yes, definitely give a shout out for me :)

I love you all a whole lot!

Read your scriptures, say your prayers, and go to church. And don´t ever stop. Promise? Good.

Love, Hermanita Hill

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