Monday, November 21, 2011


Dear Family,

Thank you for the wonderful emails and pictures! It was so fun to see what you´re all up to. I can´t believe how successful you all are...half marathons, swimming champs, and concert symphonists (I think I made up that word). Also cute Halloween costumes everyone! Also, those were some awesome pictures from England, ma! And Easton is the cutest! Kaylee, I can´t go to your blog, but feel free to email me your posts every now and then. I loved hearing all about that kid and seeing the pictures! Wow. Oh and isn´t Thanksgiving ths week? That cracks me up that Kaylee asked if they celebrate Thanksgiving in South America......still the same ole sista :) Oh and I was laughing at your boy meets world comments as well. And Cade´s jokes :)

So much I want to say! So many questions to answer! About Hna Shelley...she got transfered the transfer after she got here. Long story but she was in a triple for a while and then got transfered to the south where she is serving with Hna Jones´ last companion...who she trained. So in other words, this Hermana just barely got done getting trained and now she is training! I´ve heard she´s incredible, though. She´s from Chile. I´m sure they´ll be an awesome companionship. Oh and she had to go buy a bunch of warm clothes haha. Hna Jones is leaving next Monday and I´m super sad. But I know that´s just a part of the mission and we will both keep going forward and learning and having new experiences! As far as holidays go, they have a lot of random holidays all the time where the kids don´t have to go to school. Nothing too huge though. I can´t believe Christmas is coming up so soon! And it´s going to be smack dab in the heat of summer...weird.

Susana is awesome! She is like our little mom here in Argentina. Everytime we go there she gives us all this food and she´s just so funny. Also, pretty much every time she prays, she cries. At first when she started praying, she would only pray in her head with us, but in the last lesson we had, she prayed out loud and it was so sweet. She came to church this Sunday again, and they announced her baptism. Things are going really well, thank you for your prayers! I know this is the week she will need them most, because right now is when the most adversity will come. But she always says "I´m not getting off this horse!"

More good news: on Sunday Pablo Baldis received the Aaronic Priesthood! It´s so exciting to see how much their family is progressing. The church in South America is in dire need of priesthood holders. The large majority of our ward, and the church in general, is women. So it is awesome when there are complete families, with a father who holds the priesthood. Let me just take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to my wonderful dad who is a worthy priesthood holder and an amazing example to me! It´s just so apparent to me, especially being here, how much the gospel truly does bless people. I wish I could somehow let people know that more than I am. I try so hard to tell them how happy the gospel has made me, but the trick is getting them to believe me...or do the things they need to do to receive that happiness. I was talking to a woman at a kiosko the other day, Griselda. We started talking to her and getting to know her a little and found out that her daughter had died two years ago. You could just tell by looking at her how sad she was. We told her that Heavenly Father has a plan of happiness for us, but she didn´t seem to believe that anything could make her happy. She told us that we had no idea what it was like to lose a child. All I could say is that she is right...I didn´t know. But I know that Christ knows and that he could help her. We testified to her that she could feel hope and peace. Even after we left, I´m still not sure she believed us. And people never will believe us unless they are willing to experiment--try for themselves....pray, read the scriptures, go to church. This is what helps us develop a stronger relationship with Christ and feel his love in our lives every day.

So keep it up :)

Oh, we had our noche de hogar and the numbers were a little sparse, but more will come as we do it every week. I hope haha. We talked about missionary work, Libro de Mormon, watched an awesome movie about sharing the gospel, and had them write their testimonies in a LDM to give to someone. And ate popcorn. Also, keep thinking of ideas!!!! And let me know. Thanks :)

Love you all a whole lot!

Hermana Hill

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