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What an exciting week you all had!!! Kaylee and Cade: FELICITACIONES!!!!!!! Awww Easton Cade Bennet. I love him already. I can´t believe I´m an aunt! Hna Jones kept calling me Tía Hill all last week haha. I´m DYING to see pictures now. DYING. Literally. I hope all is still going well. Save me some diapers to change, will ya? Also congrats to Mark and Sarah! New nephew and cousin all on the same day. How cute.

And CARLI BAHM! Congrats gurlfriennn! I am so excited for you! Missions are pretty great, I must say. You will be such a blessing to the people you teach, I´m serious. Maybe I´ll write you a letter so I don't have to say all this mushy stuff for the whole world to see. But for now, just know that I think you´re awesome.

Sounds like Grandpa´s party is going to be hoppin! Make sure you share my testimony while you´re there too: The church is true :)

Well it has been kind of a loco week. Well...every week is loco actually. Let me start off with kind of a cool thing. Remember how that one night I kept waking up with Matthew 11:28 in my head and shared it with Lorenzo and he really liked it? Well the last time we visited him, he told us about his conversion story. Basically one day his Bible fell open to a scripture and he read it and it really touched his heart and made him want to change his life and come unto Christ. And guess what scripture it was? You got it. So that was pretty sweet. We´re still working on helping him have the desire to go back to church, but maybe that helped a little bit.

Last week we did a ton of searching for new investigators by visiting former investigators who had been to church before. We ended up finding 25 new investigators last week and were really excited because they all told us that they were going to go to church on Sunday. They even told us what time they were going to wake up, what time they were going to leave, how they were going to get there and everything. We called as many as we could in the morning and even went to pick them up. We were pumped. Guess how many ended up going? Cero. It was pretty disappointing. A lot of them were extended family members and neighbors and because one family wouldn´t go, the rest wouldn´t either. It was really frustrating. But then we got to church and a whole bunch of less active members that don´t usually go to church were there and it was awesome. And one of the high councilmen gave a talk about patience and having a positive attitude. Later that day we went to visit a lady who we randomly stopped to talk to one day on our way to another appointment. Turns out she and her family had been visited by the missionaries before and have been to church a bunch of times. She has five kids and they are awesome. They want to be baptized but she said she needs to talk to her husband about it, I guess he´s not quite sure about the whole thing. But we are going to go back to visit them today, with the husband. Wish us luck!

My new favorite fruit is misperos. There are a bunch of mispero trees around here. Sooo good. They don´t have that in the states do they?

Well I love you all... almost as much as I love misperos. Or maybe a little more. Have a wonderful week and if you ever feel the urge, send me stickers. Little kids love them. I have gotten to the heart of many a child through stickers. The kids here love Bob Esponja, so thanks to my friends who send me those. Oh and also they love Ben 10 (Ben Diez haha...) So yeah.


Hermana Hill

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