Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hi Fam!

Right now I am in Capital because I had to do all my paperwork stuff to make sure I´m legal. Don´t worry, I am now in Argentina legally. And I also got to talk to the guy who did all my paperwork stuff a little about the church. Bonus!

Well here are the scriptures that I found about "when thou art converted, strengthen your brethren"
-Helaman 6:4-5
-Alma 36:23-25
-1 Nephi 8:12
-Mosiah 18:1-3

Those are my favs and I´m sure there are lots more examples. If you find some more good ones, let me know!

The interesting-thing-I-ate of the week is mondongo. Cow stomach. It wasn´t THAT bad, but it was just kind of slimey/rubbery. I guess they eat it in all different forms, but we had it in like a stew. I´m sure there will be more where that came from...

To answer your questions: Facturas are delicious pastries of many sorts. We had wash our clothes by hand and hang them on a line. It´s cute. We are three hours before Utah time. I was asking about Lawrence Corbridge because he wrote this awesome talk called the fourth missionary. It´s super long and I haven´t read it all but it´s really good. I got the package today!! Thank you so much, I´m so excited to give the pictures and stickers and CTR rings to everyone :) As far as Christmas goes, I don´t think I need anything! Just the knowledge that my family is sharing the gospel :)

We are going to start doing Noches de Hogar every Friday night. I would love to hear all of your great ideas! If anyone that is reading this right now has a good idea, send me an email, will ya?

On Thursday we had an interesting experience. We were just about to start weekly planning and we got this call from our Zone Leaders saying we needed to evacuate immediately and go to the mission office with what we would need for a few days because there is a nuclear plant in our area that was in danger of exploding. Hna Jones and I were frantically throwing stuff in our suitcases, running aimlessly around the house. I remember yelling "should I bring my Preach My Gospel??" And Hna Jones yelled back "No, someone else will have one you could use....but don´t worry, I´ve got the brownies!!!" as she threw them in a grocery bag. (She made brownies that morning). She called a remis (taxi) and we were out the door. Right when we got to the bus station, we got another call saying it was a false alarm, they were just doing some sort of practice and there was nothing to worry about. No wonder everyone else in Zárate seemed so calm....

Earlier in the week we did divisions again! This time Hermana Salas came to Zárate and I had to lead her to all our appointments and everything. It went pretty well! We taught a lot of great lessons and found new investigators to teach. The miracle of doing divisions was that Hermana Jones and Hermana Alfaro found 4 people to be baptized on Saturday! It was really cool to hear about.

Last night we had a great lesson with a lady named Susana. She came to church with Hna Montaldo and loved it. That night Hna Montaldo came with us to a lesson with her. She now has a baptismal date for the 27th. Please pray for her!

Now I will leave you with a list created by Hna Jones and I entitled "You Know You´re in Zárate If......."
  • a rooster across the street wakes you up in the morning, during breakfast, and during studies
  • you burn your garbage in the streets on a regular basis
  • you water the street to keep the dust down with a bucket (instead of watering your grass)
  • you crank your efy music to drown out the constant cumbia music next door starting at 9am everyday
  • you are short a couple pesos and they tell you to pay the rest the next time you come in
  • you sleep on top of your covers at night, even in the springtime
  • everyone uses the same cup at the watercooler/dispenser
  • little kids have free reign in Sacrament meeting, including going up on the stand
  • the main boulevard is blocked off without warning so everyone drives down the wrong way
  • men try to kiss you on a regular basis, at times succeeding
  • you can buy juguitos (good version of otter pops) on every block
  • small children are constantly shooting off firecrackers unsupervised
I love Zárate.

I love you all.

Love, Hermana Hill

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