Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hi again :)
I hope you all had a fun time in Park City celebrating my birthday! Haha birthday smirthday....no time to think about birthdays when there are people to baptize! Wow, you are right, Kaylee. I almost died when I saw your kid in his swim trunks. Will you please send him in the next package? Thx.
Last weekend was conference! It was great. We watched it in the chapel with the stake. We missed a whole bunch of it because we were picking up investigators to come with us and it is about 30 minutes away and we also left between sessions to pick up more people. But vale la pena. Also they had it in English but I watched it in Spanish because there were no other English speaking sisters to watch it with. But I actually understand now so no hay problema. Did you know that Elder Scott does the spanish interpretation for his own talks? Rad! I think my favorite talk (of those that we saw :)) was Elder Eyring. Give me that mountain! Aren´t the leaders of the church great? You´ll have to send me the Ensign of the conference talks if you can.
We had transfers today! We get to stay here in Almagro! We´re so excited!!! I have a feeling I´m going to be here for a long time. Like I was in Zárate. It´s better that way. And I like being with companions more than one transfer too because there is so much we can learn from each other and, wow, this transfer we have goals a full. We´re rrre-animadas :)
I have no time. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I love you so much!!! The church is true!!!!!!
Hermana Hill

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