Tuesday, April 10, 2012

¡Felices Pascuas!


I hope you all had a happy easter. Dad, I liked the subject of your email. Too bad Hna Peralta has never seen Nacho Libre. (Is it bad to mention Nacho libre in my missionary email?) Easter was really really great. I will tell you why. William received the Priesthood!!! It´s just such a happy thing to see people not only be baptized, but to also progress in the church. This gospel is all about progression and even though we are so imperfect, we are here to progress. And that is thanks to our loving Savior. I´m grateful for this time of year when we turn our thoughts to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. But as Bishop Galbuchi mentioned in his talk on Sunday, every Sunday is an Easter. Every Sunday we have the chance to take the sacrament and think of this marvelous gift we have to conquer death. I´m learning a lot more about the importance of the sacrament here on the mission. And although I still don´t "get it" all, I get enough to know of the importance of the sacrifice of our Savior and the opportunity we have to grow closer to Him each day. And I´m so grateful to share this message! I´ve been thinking lately about how I haven´t thanked you, my dear family, enough for how much you have done for me and supporting me so much and letting me have this opportunity to share what I know, thanks to you! I mess up a ton and sometimes don´t take for granted this opportunity as much as I should, but then I think of how short of a time I have here (yes, dad, I realized I completed nine months already :S) and put in my pilas and trabajar! So thank you, thank you, THANK YOUUUU. 

Okay back to Sunday. One of our investigators, Luz came to church. She is the mom of a friend of a less active boy in our ward and she´s really great. The first thing she told us when we talked to her is that she´s catholic. But we began teaching her and she told us that even though she grew up catholic, she has a desire to really know which church is true and be baptized in a church one day. But she said she takes it really seriously and doesn´t just want to get baptized into any church. At the end of the lesson, she said the closing prayer, pleading that God would really help her find the truth. On Sunday she came to church and during the talks of sacrament meeting, I heard her sniffling next to me. The messages of Christ really touched her heart. I´m excited to keep teaching her and help her receive an answer that the church is true!

So remember when I used to like writing poems in like fifth grade? I decided to relive my childhood and write another one. The bad thing is that it is still fifth grade quality but I wanted to share it with you:

La Receta

At times I´m in the kitchen,
With the urge to eat something sweet
I start looking for a recipe
To make myself a treat.

A cup and a half of sugar,
I measure it precise.
Two eggs, three cups of flour-
These cookies will turn out nice!

I bake them in the oven
At exactly three-fifty degrees,
I set the timer-nine minutes.
Don´t burn, I beg you please!

I pull them out of the oven,
They turned out pretty good!
How great to have this recipe,
They taste just like they should.

I made these cookies often,
A habit, it became.
I followed the recipe exactly,
Always it was the same.

Then one day I moved away,
To live far from my home.
I left the recipe behind, 
To learn to make cookies on my own.

First attempt: turned out disastrous,
With burnt cookies surrounding me.
Why didn´t anyone mention
That this oven cooks differently?

The second time: not enough flour,
These cookies look more like soup.
Third try: way too much butter.
I feel so out of the loop!

But I will not be defeated,
I adjust things here and there.
I try to remember the basics,
But decide to add my own flair.

This is how it should be-
I´m now baking from the heart.
Maybe a little more sugar
Would be a good place to start.

And through this trial and error,
I made a new recipe of my own.
They´re the best cookies I´ve ever tasted-
Through action the way is shown. 

And just like that old recipe,
We rely on the ones we love.
They have taught us of the way
To reach our Father above.

They have helped to guide us
And show us the ingredients,
And we follow them precisely
Because it makes good sense. 

But we are all so different,
And should receive it for ourselves.
We must follow all the guidelines,
Then comes heaven´s help.

We are here upon this earth
To be tested and be tried.
And we must come to really know
Who´ll be our constant guide.

He will help us to perfect
Our own recipe of life.
Through recognizing our mistakes,
That can pierce just like a knife.

But if we keep on trying,
And correct what isn´t right,
Christ will see into our hearts,
And help us receive the light.

So as you´re making cookies,
And make a mistake or two,
Keep trying, and fixing, and relying on Him-
To create a recipe just for you.

(DyC 58:26-28)

Well, off to work! I know that today is going to be a good day because the chica working at McDonald´s put extra snickers in my mcflurry. Why am I always talking about food......?

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Cerro

Flia Feresin made me a birthday lunch and had this on the
computer screen when we came in.

They also made me a poster :)

Do you see why I am getting fat?

After a lesson with William and the Flia Feresin

Hna Peralta made me a cute sign and I made myself a nice
(a little burnt) french toast birthday breakfast.


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