Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Love To See The Temple

Hey family!

Good to hear that you guys arrived home safely after the crazy weekend in Vegas! Also good to hear that the package arrived safely back to you haha what a relief! 

This week was great. We were able to teach the nephew of Elisa, who just moved here from Bolivia. He is 22 and will be living with his aunt and cousins while he studies engineering here. He has three brothers and two of them are members, and also his mom. They always wanted him to go to church, but he never had the desire to go or to talk to the missionaries. This Sunday, Elisa invited him and he went! He really wants to change his life and have a new start. We are also teaching a mom, Adriana, and her two daughters, Camila (15) and Tiziana (8). They are friends of Hna Busitios, and went to church with her. The members are de-diez! This Sunday we also had to give talks. Oh McKenna I mentioned you! I said that I challenged you to invite someone to church and that you have been fasting and praying to find someone even though you go to college where almost everyone are members. Good job! 

The last few weeks we have been giving pictures of the temple to certain families in the ward--a gift from the bishopric (see the following photos). The only stipulation is that they have to hang it in a visible place. It´s so fun to see how happy they are to receive this gift and commit themselves to keep the temple as their main goal. I want to go to the temple so bad!!

Well that is a brief summary of what´s going on here! I love you guys a lot. Keep being a light to those around you. CU L8R!!!!

Hermana Hill 

Familia Cortijo.  Nicolas is 9 and was recently baptized.  His mom,  Halyna, is
from Ukraine, and his dad is from Peru and met here in Argentina.  They are
preparing to be sealed here in the temple in Buenos Aires when the temple opens!

Hna Bustios!  The Bustios family is from Boliva and are also preparing to be
sealed in the temple.  (I think I've already told you a little bit about them). 

Familia Perez.  Milagros is from Peru and her husband is from Argentina.
Right now they are working on coming back to church so their son, Claudio, can
be baptized (he's 7), and so they can be sealed in the temple.

Familia Molinas.  (They also got a picture of the temple).   They are returning
to church and it's AWESOME.  They are always giving away
Libros de Mormon that we give them.

This is not a St. Patrick's Day joke :S

Familia Cruz.  This family is so great and so funny.  They have had a
lot of challenges, but are so strong in the gospel.

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