Monday, April 16, 2012

¿Por qué? ¡Porque!‏


Sup? First of all, mom and dad be careful in sin city. And tell Elton hi for me and that I love his work in Aida! Second of all, Kaylee, you're right, that little Easton guy literally melted my heart! You can't do that to me! Wow, you guys are all over the place, sounds like everyone is having lots of fun and that is important :) 

On Thursday we had interviews. We talk in English in the interviews, but sometimes it's a struggle for me haha. Luckily with Hna Peralta we practice english so I don't forget it completely. (Oh and we got letters and stuff, and the package wasn't there :S But I got the credit card so if you could call and activate it that would be fab. Gracias!) Interviews with President are always so great and I always learn so much more of what I can change and do better. We have been learning a lot about "vision" and how we can receive a vision specifically for our area. I love the scripture in 1 Nefi 11:1 that talks abou how Nefi, uh Nephi, wanted to see the vision that his father saw. Have you ever noticed that the vision of Lehi is one chapter and after Nephi, desired, believed, and reflected on the vision of his father and how he can recieve it himself, he recived his own vision....more than four chapters long! I have been thinking a lot about this concept. How we learn from the servants of the Lord, but expand our own vision by receiving our own revelation directly from the Lord. It takes a lot of praying and studying and applying. Something I've been trying to do more is ask "why" in every moment. Why am I here in this moment? Why is this person sitting next to me on the bus? Why did this person just completely reject us? There really is a purpose to everything we do, but if we never ask why, we won't ever know the answer. Okay so that's your challenge. Start asking "why" more during the day and look for the purpose for everything you do. ¿Lo harán?

This week was great. On Sunday, a woman named Amelia came to church all by herself. She is 72 and lives alone and was looking for a church that she could go to. She was walking one day running errands and walked by the church. At first she thought it was a school or something, but then realized it is a church, looked at what time the meetings are, and came! She loved it and felt the spirit very strongly. We invited her to another activity that we had that night (post capilla abierta) and she came! Also Elder and Hermana Garvin, who were in charge of the activity, invited a man on the street to come. At first he said no because he was dressed in his exercise clothes, but they assured him that it was okay, so he came. He is from Brazil and came here to study and has been here for four days. He speaks Portuguese (did I slaughter that word?) so it was hard to understand him, but luckily the Bishop's mom is from Brazil, so he and his mom also know Portuguese. Tonight we have a lesson with him in the apartment of one of the counselors of the bishopric, Hno Zamora. Also, Luz's son, Luciano, came to church with his friend, Agustín, who is less active. More and more I am seeing that there are so many prepared. That the field is white and already to harvest. Experiences like this really make me motivated to talk to EVERYONE! 

Well I think that's all. Oh, una pregunta para la Hna Jones: Do your DVDs from Argentina work in the U.S.? I want to put all my pictures on DVDs but I heard they don't work there. Let me know, madre. (Remember our friend from the kiosko next door?)

I love you all a MILLION.

Hnita Hill

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  1. I do believe there is a purpose in everything we do and things definitely happen for a reason. I remember once I travelled to Argentina without having booked accommodation. I thought I was not going to find anything till I started talking to this guy in the bus. He said he owned a apartment in buenos aires and was trying to get a tenant. I thought it was luck, but now I believe fate had something to do!